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First Baptist Church of Harahan is a small but faithful worshiping community of believers. We are a traditional Southern Baptist Church that has been active in our community for the last 90 years. We do two things very well: pray and love. Most of our church members have a simple faith that lends itself to asking God for big things and seeing God deliver. Prayer is featured prominently in our worship time every Sunday. We have seen God do amazing things in our midst. We also are a very loving people. We talk a lot about being a family in Christ, and would love to have you as part of our family.

Our Worship is casual but traditional. We have congregational singing, prayer time, and an exegetical sermon. Our singing will usually include a number of hymns and maybe a chorus or two, usually with piano accompaniment. Dress is casual, with a variety of levels of formality from some who are business casual to some who come in shorts and a t-shirt. My preaching is usually designed around extracting the truth from a particular Scripture passage. We find that the Scripture has a great deal to say about how we live our life in the 21st century. The most important part is that we hear the good news that Jesus Christ has died for our sins to make us ready to spend eternity with God. We would love to help you with your spiritual journey.